How often does the idea of eating Filipino food come to mind?

Almost never, unless you are Filipino.

Filipino food is traditionally served in homes during birthday celebrations, anniversaries, graduations and holidays.

That is the vibe we offer here at Pinoy Kitchen & Grill.

Whenever you eat our food, it’s a celebration. We want you to feel at home when you come and visit our newly revitalized location. With our cultural decor and extensive menu, we pride ourselves in being one of Lehigh Valley’s most unique family owned restaurants. In fact we are currently the only Filipino restaurant in the area.

Our new and improved management will bring you the joy and warmth of the Filipino culture. With original recipes aging from decades of craft and experience, we are proud to have served our community for almost 2 years. Providing a taste that will make you reminisce your mom and grandma’s authentic hand made dishes.

We provide a taste that will make you wonder, why just now?